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Script for google-patents search

9 months ago

For my colleagues at FH Technikum, a python-3 script to search for patents.

Searches for the words you pass it in the abstract.

Command line: python laser distance sensor

It works by opening each year in the browser and then waiting until you press enter in the command line....


ESP8266 Hygrometer

11 months ago

To help colleagues at my FH course, here is an example-code for measuring soil humidity.

The basic concept is that an analog reading of the hygrometer sensor is taken and sent via MQTT to a central server. From there, Node Red is used to collect data and send notifications if the level dips down...


Emisar D4 / Nichia Optisolis driver

1 year ago

Step one for my new project: 18650 High-CRI eSwitch

Host: White Emisar D4 with a 10623 optic

LEDs: Quad Nichia Optisolis 5000K

Driver: Custom M+1+2+5 driver, based on designs by Del and Texas Ace with a programming key by Lexel


Skilhunt H03 DIY Anduril firmware

1 year ago

The Skilhunt H03 gets a new driver, and of course: a new firmware

Hex with stock Anduril


  • Stock Anduril
  • Ramping config from FW3A
  • Aux-LED is disabled as there was not enough space with the 3rd PWM channel

Hex with slightly modified Anduril