Skilhunt H03 DIY Anduril firmware

The Skilhunt H03 gets a new driver, and of course: a new firmware

Hex with stock Anduril


  • Stock Anduril
  • Ramping config from FW3A
  • Aux-LED is disabled as there was not enough space with the 3rd PWM channel

Hex with slightly modified Anduril


  • Anduril, but disabled stepped ramping
  • Lowest moonlight may flicker, in that case, set ramping floor to level 2 to fix it
  • AUX-LED works like in the D4S
  • Anduril-Source with Atmel Studio project

  • Stock Anduril
  • Added files / defines for H03 Texas Avenger driver
  • Added Atmel Studio Project
  • I only tested if it builds
  • Structure is the same as stock Anduril, so if you want to get newer code from ToyKeepers repository,you can merge it.

Anduril-Source with my changes

  • Add defines for all blinky / flashy modes
  • Add define for stepped ramping
  • Add define for level 1 = reduced moonlight
  • Add H03_TA config with FW3A ramps and D4S AUX-LED

Guide how to import Anduril into Atmel Studio

No grantee for correctness, it just creates a hex file.

Emisar D4 / Nichia Optisolis driver